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Celebrate Unified Consciousness

Celebrate Unified Consciousness Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

There is a beloved master within each being, and it is a momentous occasion when you come forward to celebrate the recognition of unified consciousness. This energy is arriving through the stream of a heart ignited with ascended awakening, ascended opening, and divine presence. Divine presence is great love, and great love is divine presence.

What is divine presence? It is an opening. It is the recognition of unification with the energetic field of matter that has created the body you carry now. Your bodies realign with Earth’s universal stream of light. This realignment opens a divine portal of recognition as it calls forward a rare and abundant opportunity to release all illusion — all illusion!

When you call forward, through divine remembrance, the profound expansiveness of allness in collaboration with illusion, it can be overwhelming to the mind of density. If you recognize that all in this world might be merely illusion, then what is beyond this world? What does this worldly moment offer to your divine nature?