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Ascendant Attributes of Love in Light Relationships

Ascendant Attributes of Love in Light Relationships The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Quantum masters, love’s heart is always in the manifestation of its own becoming through its attributes of organic essence. Your planet is undergoing its reeducation by the light, or regenesis, through the repurpose of essence in every area of life, including the ecology of relationships with people, places, events, and systems, as well as the animal, plant, and crystal kingdoms — all elements. This is the basis for reformatting all your life systems in the light and allowing your souls to be the living art forms they were meant to be.

In the old Earth universe, extreme polarity reduced relationships to programmed experiences, forcing and mimicking creation through false essence attributes of mind or technology. These used illusions such as power and control, feeding addictive or tyrannical energies. It offered the illusion that love comes through a hypnotic-addictive mind instead of the heart’s essence attributes of natural grace, joy, and innocence with an excitement for creating.

These storied illusions have been a kind of spiritual pimping of versions of truth — amnesia games of not being who you really are. Illusions offered the self’s, against its own heart, acceptance of death, disease, or suffering to replace your natural-essence sense attributes. Your creative arts have been your lifelines to organic memory and the expression of your love’s aspects and their expressive attributes. But even these experiences became dense, reincarnated identities rather than allowing all the attributes to manifest through your unique soul aspects to inform your universe of what its love was becoming.