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All Are One

All Are One Talequah through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Most of you are aware of the mama orca that carried her deceased baby for seventeen days, nearly starving herself to death. She finally let go, thankfully. But can a mother ever really let go?

During my 8:8 workshop in Tennessee, we worked with the Elohim of the whales (A-Qua-la) and dolphins via sound and soul. We were able to connect with the mama whale as a pod of sister whales. We fed her interdimensionally, nourishing her soul as well as her body. We gave her manna that she could digest easily since she could not bear to eat anything; she just wanted to die.

The meditation felt very real to everyone. We felt her take food from us. Some rubbed her tongue to encourage feeding. Yesterday, this beautiful lady of the sea swam through my living room, showing her underbelly as big as a submarine, demanding my undivided attention. I brought through these words for all of us who hold the magic of the ocean in our hearts.