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We See through the Same Eyes

We See through the Same Eyes Divine Members through Polly Wirum

We are a group of divine members selected to work with you. We have been with you, around you, and within you from the conception of time — in other words, forever. You cannot separate from our energy. We are the connection to All That Is. We are only one form of this connection. There are many ways to connect to light energy, but at this moment, we are your connection to all.

Acknowledge your existence in this human form as well as spiritual form. We ask that you allow us to help you open up in a more available way to your source energy. Become more aware of your own divine energy and less aware of what distracts you from pure source, love, and light.

Know that you are already free of judgment, pain, and loss. Your only awareness is your purpose to love and explore love. Your joy escapes you and builds the connection between heaven and Earth. There is no mistake that you are here at this point with these lessons.