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Wait until You See What Is Coming

Wait until You See What Is Coming Keeper of Time and Merlia through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time. I have come to share with you that you are in a magical moment in time. In truth, you have specifically chosen to be in a situation that can be very challenging for most. Yet here you are. Some of you are trying to figure out exactly what happened. You do not re-member agreeing to all this. You wonder if someone pushed you into this lifetime, and then somehow you woke up in a human body trying to figure out what you were doing on planet Earth. Well, dear ones, let us tell you.

You are not here by accident. Soon you will understand more about this energy and what is taking place on planet Earth. The largest plans of all beings everywhere are now starting to come together, so quite simply, that is what is happening. Do not think that you are going through this alone. You are spirits playing a game on a very strange planet. Although you have fallen very much in love with the beauty of planet Earth, know that you are not completely of Earth. You are here specifically to make a change that we are here to help you with. We are not here to show you which way to turn or to open doors for you but to remind you that you already know the way Home.

You must find your way out of the humanness that you are dealing with right now. That is all that is truly necessary. Every one of you can step up to take the next level in the incarnation that you are currently in. Even though there is great change ahead on planet Earth for all its inhabitants, we also tell you to just wait until you see what is coming. The magic that is held in the dimensions all around you is starting to come together. Although it would be easy to go into fear about this, we ask you to remain hopeful and re-member: Wait until you see what is coming! It will ignite not only your spirit but also your physical body. So much can happen in such a short time because the masters of change are now on Earth, and we are looking at most of them right now. You may not completely understand that, but on some level, it resonates within your heart.