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Tremendous Energies Bring Opportunity Now

Tremendous Energies Bring Opportunity Now Lady Portia through Star Hinman

Greetings, beloved ones. The time that is coming will be one of the most powerful times you have ever experienced for creating your lives anew. This time will never come again exactly as it will be this year!

In the changing seasons of Earth, each season has unique energies, influences, and potential benefits for humanity. You have heard much information about how to use these seasonal energies for your spiritual growth and personal development. You are very aware of what happens in the summer and the winter seasons: The summer is usually a time of activity, and the winter is a time of rest and renewal. But what you have not realized so far is that these energies can be somewhat reversed so that the winter might be a far more creative time than the summer. This is happening because of the juxtaposition of your seasons and how their energies sometimes overlap, easily shifting and changing between what seem to be opposite seasons.

The reason we tell you this now is that you are going to have, as you move into your wintertime, one of the most creative times that you can all imagine. I want you to be prepared for the gifts these energies will bring. Truthfully, the wintertime of this year is potentially going to be one of the most creative periods that those of you now incarnate have yet experienced on this Earth!