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At Transition’s Door, Part 3

At Transition’s Door, Part 3 The Council of One through Kathryn Rawlings & Terry Spears

Our Father, as the head of the Council of One, a group that has assisted humanity through ascension lessons, now guides us in using our Christed light to intentionally transform our physical bodies in preparation for our imminent transition. These ignited words hold the frequencies and radiance shared as they were given.

Be a Radiant Being of Light

Welcome, my children. This is your Father. It is very pleasant to be with you. The environment of your present reality is becoming polluted, which signifies the polluted minds of many. As people purify their thinking, the pollution rises and dissipates. For this to be efficient, a massive change in thinking and energetic values must occur. This is something that you are aware of, but your environment is coming to a climactic condition.

I ask you to immerse yourself in the frequency of cleansing internal thought pollutions. This cleansing pattern has been taking place as you go through your processes of growth, as your DNA has been changed, and as you are aware of the defaults of your memory patterns. However, there is a deeper meaning to this.