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Through the Doors of Ascension

Through the Doors of Ascension The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

Many of you are ready to open (or are in the process of opening) to the new DNA activation taking place inside your body and mind. This activation will move your consciousness beyond the physical 4D energy into a higher conscious energy of spirit, which is called the ascension. As you gradually or quickly move into this higher energy, consciousness opens more and more to your innate body and intuition, allowing the mind and body to shift dimensionally while still in physical form. This gives you a much larger perspective as to what is or is not real.

During this process, wisdom continues to increase and affect the awakening of what has previously been dormant or not yet activated, such as your DNA. Your DNA has been waiting for human consciousness to reach a certain stage of awareness before it could commence with the awakening of specific DNA strands that have to do with the ascension process of human consciousness at the levels of spirit beyond 4D.

You Are Here to Help Each Other

Many who are aware of the ongoing ascension process believe that it could take millions of years for enough people of Earth/Gaia to evolve their hearts and minds to the point they are able to comprehend who they really are by realizing that they are spiritual beings pretending to be human. Many who are aware of this knowledge and wisdom can still doubt humankind’s ability to move into ascension mode. If any of you are, it would be more helpful to humanity as a whole to stop looking at the world as if it is hopelessly out of control to the point of total destruction. It is not.