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Tap into Your Crystalline DNA

Tap into Your Crystalline DNA Maureen St. Germain

You are about to step into a whole new level of mastery, honesty, sweetness, self-love, and love for your fellow human. Part of this comes to you directly as we shower you with great love. Many of the souls embodied right now are radiating this great love through their bodies. In accepting this message, you are accepting it for yourself.

This channel has long messaged her students to activate their DNA and to tap into their crystalline energy. Avail yourself of this, as you will amp up who you are, what you are, and what you are capable of by choosing this.

The crystalline DNA is a template that is already available to you, but you must turn it on. You must choose. In the past when you’ve attempted to connect with this energy, it was like arriving at a store before it opened. When you go to the store before it opens, you are the first to choose from the special items that might be on sale. In addition, there are ways to get in early.