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Stepping Down Energy

Stepping Down Energy Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

You are familiar with the concept of various speeds or frequencies of energy and how they manifest in your third dimension. For example, when the energy of light is stepped down to a slower and lower frequency, it becomes heat. Another example is sound. Within a specific range of frequency, you are able to experience sound with your physical body. As it is stepped down below the capacity of your sensory organs for hearing, sound still exists. At that point, however, you are not able to physically sense it, as it is with energies that are more refined — of which your scientists are not yet aware. Nor of course, are they aware that the frequency of these energies can be intentionally stepped down so that you might sense them in the third dimension.

Undetectable by the technology and machinery you now have is the frequency with which beings like us communicate with you. Our true communication frequencies are beyond the recognition capabilities of your current technology. Even when we step our energy down to communicate with you humans, your technology cannot detect the frequency of our communicative energy.

The humans who are capable of receiving our communiqués function at a higher frequencial range than the majority of humanity. Some have come to your planet with this ability. Others have agreed to it, and permit their brains to be rewired, so to speak, so that they are capable of receiving higher-frequencial vibrations. Not only can they receive these frequencies, but they also have the capability of interpreting and understanding them.