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The State of Planet Earth

The State of Planet Earth Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Tonight I want to give you a story. It’s a love story, and it also happens to encompass the history of the planet, the now, and the future. These are things I want to tell you and things I want to qualify for you. Let’s call it, “The State of Planet Earth in June 2017.”

This is a love story because of where it begins and how it starts. If you go back twenty-four years, the public channelings of Kryon began in Kryon Book One. The information was basically an introduction to the shift, which so many others and I began telling you was coming. It wasn’t esoteric information from me but rather something that the ancestors and the ancients all knew about. They had been watching the stars in the skies for thousands of years. They realized that the stars changed subtly from decade to decade, and they started to understand the mechanics of the solar system and Earth’s orbit around the Sun long before modern telescopes.

They figured out that Earth travels around the Sun and that there had to be a slight wobble to the planet to make the sky change as it did. They even computed the very slow duration of the wobble, and over time, prophecies developed around it. However, the prophecies were so that even today those who study this are amazed. How could these stories be so similar when the ancients didn’t know each other? How could the information be so much alike even though vast distances and centuries separated them?