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Shamanic Wisdom: Instantaneous Healing

Shamanic Wisdom: Instantaneous Healing Jan Engels-Smith

LightSong Healing Center provides extensive training and development opportunities that help people to grow spiritually and thrive as well beings. One of the most significant experiences involves participation in a practicum.

This year, LightSong had its thirty-first practicum. The name of the practicum was Telepathic Communication Workshop. It is part of our second-level course, the Practical Shaman: Spiritual Techniques for the 21st Century. I teach this course in nature, and we all camp together in the Tillamook Rain Forest in Oregon. It is an aesthetically stunning fairy fern forest, and we all thrive in her beauty. There are usually about a hundred participants. We eat spirit-filled food and live together in what I feel is a microcosm of the perfect New Earth. Collaboration, unification, support, and love are our cornerstones.

As I prepared for the course this year, I thought about how I might teach the same thing year after year but with a different emphasis and approach. Spiritual truths are precise, and they cannot be modified, only presented differently. These teachings are ancient and have been taught for thousands of years, and I wanted to make them accessible and meaningful for my students.