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Seek Your Divine Essence to Achieve Abundance

Seek Your Divine Essence to Achieve Abundance Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am most pleased to come forth and speak with you in this manner. I am Teacher, and the topic is one you have chosen. I have heard your voices asking for assistance on this: “How can I be relieved of the struggle to stay afloat? How can I make ends meet? How can I stay true to my spiritual principles and still try to make more money?” That seems to be most of it, my dears, and here are your answers. I believe you will initially not be pleased with them, but through deeper reflection, you will realize you knew the answers all along. So here we go!

First, there is no spiritual principle against having money or trying to make more money. That is an old belief that was set forth long, long ago when the consciousness was more asleep and many believed that to be true. You see, money is here for your use. Yes, at times it seems as though it is more than for use; it is a necessity. Well, that is true. But something comes before the need to have more money. No, this isn’t a talk about what you are doing wrong; it is a talk about who you are and what you can do about this struggle with money. So take a deep breath, and just let go of trying to squeeze what you want out of this session. Let go, relax, and receive what you are calling forth. At the end of this talk, perhaps you will understand in a deeper way the ease of changing your relationship with money and how it is made manifest for you.

Admitting that you are struggling with not enough money to meet your needs, admitting that you don’t have enough to go forth with your next project, or admitting that you are tired of living what you call “by the bone” — all this admitting takes courage. It might feel like defeat, but it is not. It is being real. If you have been doing the same thing over and over again and still do not have enough money, then something is wrong with that picture.