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Revel in the Frequency Shift

Revel in the Frequency Shift One Life through Catherine Weser

While there are many ways to describe a change in energy patterns experienced as either external or internal, we describe it as a frequency shift. When the world around you seems to alter or you feel as if you are waking from being less aware, you are experiencing a frequency shift, a time of transforming the nature of your reality.

This time must be seen as something that is going right, not something that is going wrong. You might feel energetically slower or faster than before. You might feel more precise or clear about the nature of your mind, body, and heart; or you might feel completely confused or lost. Any way you experience this shift, the opportunity is to unhook from all your attachments to the nature of your reality as you have defined and experienced it in the past.

We could go so far as to say you are detaching from a lot of the dualism that is necessary when living in the world but becomes less necessary when you’re ready to operate at a new frequency. In the transition from one frequency to another, the method of assembling your sense of reality finds a new foundation and sometimes new boundaries. This can cause confusion, but confusion can become the rich realization that everything is new, nothing is known, and only the present moment of experience is in any way real.