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October’s Religious Hangover

October’s Religious Hangover Auriel through Arthur Fanning

We are here. Mercy, blessings, and peace. Peace, protection, and joy. Peace, protection, and joy. I’m going to say some things that might seem difficult to comprehend and that follow your religious context or concern. But for your safety and for the safety of those around you, I suggest strongly that you learn the rosary and pray it. It was given for a reason. The Catholic Church does not own it, so it is available for everybody. The beads are available for everybody. If you don’t know what it is, you can look it up. The rosary’s information is available in religious bookstores. Please get a rosary for yourself for the protection of those around you.

What’s going to occur in October is what they call the fest — F-E-S-T, and it’s not a beer-drinking party. It’s the aftereffect of a beer-drinking party when you wish you hadn’t drunk so much beer. That’s the effect you’re going to feel in October — a hangover. It’s going to be a religious hangover because you’re going to realize you haven’t prayed enough, and you haven’t thought about God the Father, the Mother, Jesus, the angels, or those guiding you and protecting you. You haven’t given thanks.

That part is going to come to you in October — the unthankfulness of yourself. When you think you deserve thanks from everybody else, you’re going to find out that’s not the case. This is still what you call the releasing of the chains of subjugation. You’ve been under tyranny’s control far too long. You have.