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The Next Reality

The Next Reality The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders. We are the consciousness of the first souls who came to Earth. We continue to support the process that we set into motion millions of years ago. This supports the ascension of the Gaia system to allow Gaia to become an active member of the universal living system, a system that exists at a higher level of consciousness than what you currently experience on Earth.

In a previous sharing1 about your reality and the reality that is one step out of phase (the Atlantis reality), we mentioned the main difference is in the way people connect with the world around them. In your reality, you always connect by looking at an object or being. There always is a separation in the way you connect. You can look at the object and describe it, and you can feel its energies, but it will still be outside you and separate from you.

In the reality of Atlantis, people were able to connect with an object by becoming the object. They became the object in such a way that they were one with it. That is how they learned the innate characteristics of plants and animals. When they connected with crystals in this way, they were able to direct their energies and even change their forms. These abilities, however, were not mastered by everyone. In the same way that not everyone in your reality masters all aspects of the potential you have in your reality, people in the Atlantis reality also did not master all aspects of the potential of that reality. Let us look in more detail at the three levels of consciousness connected with the Atlantis reality.