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New ET Contact Has Begun

New ET Contact Has Begun Grandfather and Zoosh and Gi-Ka through Robert Shapiro

Note: The following is a transcription of a YouTube video that can be found at

Greetings. This is Grandfather. I have spoken a bit about contact between the people of other planets and Earth, and I have said when it would begin. Now I must tell you it has begun, but it has only begun initially so that the ETs can train themselves about what to expect from your cultures. They have begun contacting some of the more advanced species of beings on Earth, but they are not human beings. They have started to contact whales and dolphins, and they have begun, just today, to contact beings you see all the time but do not think of as advanced (though they are very advanced in their own way), and they are ants.

You will all be all right, including when the contacts happen with you — only you who are willing and happy to meet them, for they will be willing and happy also. Good life.