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The Mathematical Body

The Mathematical Body The Family of God and Goddess Sri Roopeshwari through Rae Chandran

Dear all, we are the Family of God, and we are joined in this discussion by the goddess of mathematics, Sri Roopeshwari. We send you all divine love and divine support. Today we wish to discuss the fascinating subject of mathematics related to the human body.

The human body is composed of many layers and frequencies. There are ten layers to the physical human body (not the energetic body or other bodies in other realities), and these layers are sewn together using mathematical algorithms and equations. Have you ever wondered how the body is created? It is a finely tuned instrument and can perform far more than you think it is capable of.

There are numbers located in different parts of the body, and each has a different function. The number corresponding to the brain is 36. When the energy in this number is activated in the brain, you will receive inspiring thoughts and new ideas.