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Life Is Good

Life Is Good Mother Mary through Janet Desaulniers

Good and blessed day, my beloveds. It is such a delight to be with you now and always. These precious communications with you are more far-reaching than you can imagine. Hope, peace, love, light, and joy vibrate within these words because you are one with me and I am one with you in unity consciousness.

Take a breath in and out. Know you are an important and integral part of life on beautiful Mother Earth. Breathe again, and feel your connection to all. Within that moment, you have increased the love and light within you. You have helped raise the vibration for all. Yes, you are powerful. Yes, you are beloved.

The word “beloved” is special. It means that you are deeply loved, cherished, endeared, honored, and appreciated. We acknowledge you for every effort you make to uplift and love yourself. Yes, you are generous beyond measure in all your loving and courageous participation for the highest good of all.