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Let Go of Relative Mind

Let Go of Relative Mind Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

As we begin another new month, the lessons of 2017 continue to emerge, perhaps offering more growth opportunities than most folks may have sought. Thus, it is important to pause and consider what you are learning from the energies, circumstances, and events that have left footprints in your consciousness. In the aftermath of critical elections around the world, both global and national situations may now seem even less stable than they did a year ago. Given the events and circumstances that have unfolded during this time, we can note that the amplitude of the collective global stress wave has reached new peaks.

The world continues on its trajectory of change, which has brought, over the past twelve months, presidential-level elections in thirteen countries, legislative-level elections in sixteen countries, and important referenda votes in at least four countries. The pace of change has been furious, and some folks fear they are witnessing a striking deterioration in the moral caliber of elected leaders and the electorate in general. As you may have witnessed, many people seemed to lose common sense amid firestorms of rampant anger, treacherous falsehoods, and so-called alternative facts. As hindsight demonstrates, these were contrived in a calculated attempt to incite chaos and manipulate election outcomes. While such manipulative activity created an ocean of irascible emotions, it certainly did not foster penetrating discernment.

The political process over these twelve months provided somewhat sobering insight into the prevailing political climate in numerous countries. Perhaps the intervention of a Russian agenda in the U.S. presidential election has provoked a shared awareness that political races are no longer the sacred property of the country in which they are held. Political meddling by outside governments or attempts to control foreign elections is certainly not a new phenomenon. It has gone on for most of the Piscean Age but heretofore carried out in a more cloak-and-dagger style. Perhaps it is time for an evolutionary wave to wash away some of the distortional elements in political workings the world over. Such is a barren field that patiently awaits seeds viable enough to grow a new political paradigm for the Aquarian Age.