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The Importance of Maintaining Personal Power and Energy

The Importance of Maintaining Personal Power and Energy Almine

Self-abandonment is always the cause of addiction. The areas we abandon are our resources of energy, power, and life force. We allow them to be siphoned off or lost. In learning how to harness and preserve our resources, we come home to ourselves and no longer need external addictions to fill the vacuum. The path of mastery is one of preserving resources to enhance consciousness.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Losing energy is losing power, so carefully choose your battles. The majority of battles aren’t worth fighting because the results aren’t worth having. The only thing worth fighting is the illusion that hides clarity of perception. Don’t view anything as a problem; rather, see it as a challenge that potentially holds the gift of power.

The decision to engage in an outer battle should be done from a place of inner stillness with no personal agenda. It is a simple law that whatever we send out comes back. If we intend harm, we open ourselves to receiving harm. The valid battles are always to release the mystery of our beingness, and it might only appear to be with another.