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How to Discard Your Karmic Grindstones

How to Discard Your Karmic Grindstones Cithael through Ingrid Auer

Greetings, my dears. I am Angel Cithael. As with many things nowadays, your karma and your karmic relationships are subject to big changes. How long it took you humans to finally understand and accept reincarnation as part of your developmental process on Earth! Now you have begun to gradually leave the cycle of karma, but there are still many people who are convinced that they are only born once. That is quite immaterial because they are guided toward their karmic learning tasks by their souls and their higher selves anyway, even though they might not be aware of it.

We angels are not going to try to convince people to believe in karma or reincarnation if they are not ready to. It is much more important for me to communicate that humanity has reached a point at which humans are able to dissolve their interpersonal karma in a simpler and less painful way than before.

“How does that work?” you ask. “What does it require?” Well, before I answer your questions, I ask you two questions: What is the strongest transformer you know, and which energy is the only one able to dissolve karmic laws that have been binding for you for eons? The answer is love! I’m not talking about the human, interpersonal, or motherly love. I am talking about the all-encompassing, unconditional, transpersonal energy of love that you will increasingly feel when moving on a higher level of consciousness. It has been inextricably linked with you and your soul right from the beginning!