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The Heart Source Explained

The Heart Source Explained Amma through Cathy Chapman

Cathy: Let me take you through the process to connect with your heart source for those who don’t know about it.

  • Focus on the front of your heart center (heart chakra), and go deep within your consciousness and your awareness. Go deep into the front. Take a deep breath.
  • Focus on the back of your heart center. It’s in your back. Just go through the back right across from the front, and go deep within. It is a different experience to go through the back because it takes you into your sacred space. Go as deeply as you can.
  • Now go in through your brow center, also called your third eye, and go deep within.
  • Now go into the back of your third eye center at the back of your head. Go deep within.
  • Now just imagine and hold the intention to send a beam of light and energy from your heart center to your third eye. Just notice how that feels. Send that beam of energy up to the center of the universe. It knows where to go, keeping everything where it is. Now move down, and anchor the energy into the center of Earth.