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Hard Work Pays Off Big Time

Hard Work Pays Off Big Time Donna Taylor

Astrologers get rather excited when one of the big planets changes signs, and the headline news this month is that Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 12, having spent the past year in Libra. This is likely to bring a cheer from those born under the sign of Scorpio, for Jupiter is, of course, associated with all good things — abundance, good fortune, opportunity, growth, protection, and benevolence. Wherever Jupiter goes, we tend to see an expansion in whatever that sign represents.

As far as life in general is concerned, Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio is likely to exaggerate or bring to our attention the more mystical facets of life, including the shadow areas — birth, death, the afterlife, sexual issues, and psychological matters. This is a good year to explore your inner workings with a counselor, as the capacity to heal and regenerate is likely to be increased during the next twelve months. We can expect more babies to be born this year but also a higher death rate, as space has to be made for all the new souls coming into existence.

Jupiter in Scorpio demands change and transformation. Be willing to let go of whatever has had its day so that new life can be born. Jupiter has a reputation for being the most generous and benevolent of the Gods, and indeed, many people will find themselves on the receiving end of a lucky event or positive life-changing experience. However, it is important to point out that Jupiter’s presents don’t always come wrapped in beautiful boxes. Sometimes they arrive in unexpected guises or unpleasant forms, rather like Pandora’s box.