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Feminine Energy Activation

Feminine Energy Activation Mother through Virginia Ellen

Virginia: The information I share with you is from the original Activation of the Sacred Seals Retreat. Singing the songs and saying the prayers will assist in activating the sacred energy that lies dormant in you. The Divine Feminine energy has many facets of the crystalline light of love, creation, purity, and power. She takes the role of the mother, maiden, goddess, priestess, and empress within your sacred seals. She is waiting to activate and come to life for the purpose of living through you as you. Sacred Heart Yoga is a practice from the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, and it will bring forth activation of the divine and everlasting feminine energy to heal and shift the world.

As the Divine Feminine energy is activated within us, we become this energy. We dance it, we sing it, and we live it. Once activated, the Divine Feminine is alive within us and will be lived and shared with the planet. This is how we each can serve the planet and humanity — by returning to our original state of love. Once activated, the mother will transform your fears and limited self so that you will know your perfection.

A New Choice

Mother: I am here to help you live life in love — to reconnect you to your life and your love, bring you together again, and repair your central nervous system. This will allow you to live in love. All my work is done within you. I am sensitive to all your needs. I am your mother energy.