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The Echo of Cosmic Companions

The Echo of Cosmic Companions Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

We are here again and again. Many times we enter this plane with the hope of sharing some of our history to assure those who dwell on Earth that whatever the circumstances of experience and development, there is always an eternal hope that all can be resolved, no matter how often you have difficulties and hardships and challenges. They are not always to be feared because these times of challenge and hardship can, if resolved, lead to transformation that benefits all. This is relevant wherever the spirit may dwell, whether on the Earth plane or on other systems that do not move outside their own sphere of influence. We speak here of the devic influences of the various heavenly bodies you can see through your instruments. They may not move beyond that sphere, beyond that vibration, to enter another vibration.

There are challenges. There are hardships. There are disturbances in the energetic fields that surround all heavenly bodies. This causes upset. It causes some degree of chaos and consternation and periods of uncertainty or tremor — sometimes as literal tremors upon the Earth plane and sometimes as just tremors in the frequency of that experience of spiritual essence. Nonetheless, when negative frequencies pass through heavenly bodies, they cause disruption, destruction, and ending, if you will. It is an ending of a particular way of being, and it is the beginning of another stage of being.

Over the millions of years in Earth history in which you have experienced physical density, there have been many occasions of uncertainty, especially when there has been an upsurge in the elemental forces. Understand that the elemental forces will govern and maintain the balance of the planet to sustain various life forms. When there is a disturbance around Earth, an imbalance created by a negative force or frequency outside the planet surface, it affects the primary, etheric forces (earth, fire, air, and water) that bind the physical plane together. They can become disturbed, just as wind can whip up the waves of the ocean.