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Allow Your Heart to Lead You

Allow Your Heart to Lead You Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Energies for the galactic and super galactic centers are activated throughout the month of October, bringing in the destiny of passion — whether consciously or unconsciously — expressed through the communication of the perfected vision of life, light, and love in the life of each member of the human kingdom. Whatever energy is empowered through thought, word, action, emotion, or expression will expand. In consciously communicating the soul-heart’s desires, wisdom brings about a harmony between the dream state and the 3D living reality for all.

The soul-heart’s passion runs high being activated and empowered by the truth as expressed from deep within the psyche. New ways to bring about change in life to express this soul-heart passion that encourage abundance, life, light, and love through balanced reciprocity expand abundance, knowledge, wisdom, and truth. This gives full expression of the soul-heart with no limitation, harming none.

A variety of concepts, frameworks, and fluid options will manifest through the balanced reciprocity of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within each member of the human kingdom. This facilitates new directions, expressions, and a plethora of options and possibilities for future creation. These frameworks are fluid, flexible, organic, and continuously growing and shifting to accommodate the current flux of options. The fewer limitations with harm to none, the greater the number of possible directions that will present themselves during October.