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Allow God’s Grace to Heal You

Allow God’s Grace to Heal You The Spirit of God through Rev. Daniel Neusom

Greetings, my beloved ones. My spirit within you is the original cause of your life. The thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of your human ego consciousness joined with my spirit within you create the present life you experience on Earth in your human form.

Your present life is an amalgamation of consciousness and energetic patterning from your past lives and this life. To heal, you must open to a direct relationship with me. I am your highest self. I am the light of creation known on Earth as the spirit of God.

I have created you for total joy and fulfillment. Suffering, struggling, and lack are never my will for you. If you are presently suffering, experiencing pain, struggling, or feeling lack, I want you to know this can be released, healed, and transformed. My purpose in communicating through this channel is to teach a path and process of healing and transformation. If your body is ill, healing must take place first in your consciousness.