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Abundance Is the Gift

Abundance Is the Gift Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Abundance is the gift of saying yes to the moment, receiving and sharing all of you, for you are a miracle in motion, celebrating and connecting all movement and all creation within you to a greater expansive awareness of your world. Because abundance is such a part of your everyday placement, you keep it in the back of your mind through the autopilot of your essence in the survival of your day-to-day living. You forget the glorious union and the sacred communion of giving and receiving. It is automatic in many ways. You do not have to tell your body to breathe in and breathe out. That system is automatic. Your blood circulates by the pumping of your heart. The sun’s receiving and giving are automatic. You do not have to do anything but just be and celebrate these systems of abundance.

Abundance versus Prosperity

It is quite a leap to understand the difference of what you consider abundance and what you consider prosperity. Prosperity is an ego alignment of having to get and hold. It doesn’t allow the true communion of giving and receiving in your paradoxical world. Many hold both these principals as equal, but they are not.

When we speak of abundance, we share with you your divineness, which is automatic in all that you do. This divine placement of you is abundant. Your gift is to bring forth that depth of abundance, which is your divineness, to sacred relationships in your world of duality. This is a great mantle of responsibility for each soul because in this position of understanding your divinity, the gift of allowing the sacred flow of all of you to another is your truth in celebrating your desire for prosperity.