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You Are Divine Love Manifested

You Are Divine Love Manifested The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Chronicling the lightbody changes is a part of the reeducation templates in your next quantum cycles. Now, the lightbody offers a final review to end the recycling of core patterns forever. Why? It is because these are the times of enlightenment of a new quantum heart-species prototype that is now living in its new essence biolight. This new being has its own particle-plasma containment field with a cosmic egg that is fully grown by its essence consciousness and fully conscious that it is a divine human bio-essence being. It is only interested in the new cosmos.

Last time, we spoke of the New Earths that have spawned from this new species and the qualities of essence potentials in their quantum integration. This enlightened species knows it has mastered all past and future space-time experience. It knows it has integrated all polarity atom experiences of dark and light, good and evil, male and female, loss and limitation of core light, cosmic amnesia, self-judgment and addictive self-evaluation, worth, fear of nonexistence, and mastery over soul identity. It now fully engages experience without wound because it is beyond the atomic physics of duality.

The new quantum species human is living now; although, it is seemingly imperceptible. It lives in the multiplicity of semi-independent forces within fluid parallel realities where the biosystems are made out of evolving new solar light particles. You’re now experiencing this newness in your daily affairs from the awakening humanity to new technologies to new ways of responding to your plants, animals, and the sacred waters you drink. It is all new with so much to explore. This species lives inside a solar fusion vessel and needs no batteries. Its power source comes from its core love. Its means of exchange is its love in creative motion. A built-in value and appreciation of its cosmic self and all life create a soul exchange in a new enlightened economy for all life systems.