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Unhook from Mechanized Time

Unhook from Mechanized Time The Lords of Time through Maureen St. Germain

We are the Lords of Time. We stand ready to assist you to expand your consciousness and comprehension of time. For us, this is a simple matter, but for you, it is quite complex.

We ask you to imagine you are standing at the center of a sphere. See yourself with hundreds of threads reaching from you in all directions. Understand that sometimes as you shift and change your consciousness, all your threads might flow behind you like a river, and during another consciousness shift, all your threads might go in all directions or be focused halfway around the globe. These threads of connection to time are fluid, but your concept of time is not.

Until this moment, you might have thought of time as linear though you have heard it is not or that it does not exist. These are misnomers. Time does exist in the reality of consciousness as a construct to allow you to deeply experience events and thread them together in a chain that supports your belief that time is linear.