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Thoughts on the Election

Thoughts on the Election The Peacemakers through Robin Baldock & Greg Branson

While you are in physical bodies, nothing exists outside of the present moment, so when you ask for our view on the U.S. presidential election, we can only give you our reflections on a very complex thought pattern in the prephysical realm that is constantly in flux. The energy patterns there are certainly developing into the most likely outcome, but we are conscious that this can be changed at any time. A single event could shift the probabilities into quite a different arrangement.

There is a watershed moment ahead because a crucial choice is being made. Energies rising in America from the past need to be addressed, exposing wounds and triggering old divisions that must be deeply explored. We are especially referring to the karma of the Civil War, which has never been fully resolved, and a fascist energy that surfaced in the 1930s and was perilously close to taking over some areas. It had a sizeable grass-roots minority support. This has been whitewashed from history to some extent. Indeed, until the war, the Nazi movement was more popular in parts of America than is recognized today.

We hope that this will be the last time these two divisive energies emerge and that they will finally be expunged from the national consciousness. Accompanying them is the third aberration, racism (which was a force behind the Civil War and still plays a strong role in the country), so that it too can finally be removed. Not everybody will wake up to a gentler side of the American nature, but enough will realize that the country must not go back down any of those roads. There is no way that America can prosper and move forward if it follows extreme routes.