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This Is a Test

This Is a Test Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. Many are asking: With all the spiritual awareness growing in the world, why is there not a more positive energy available to current society? Why is there such increased friction and division among people who are united by so many desires and hopes? Why does anyone seek to destroy others who are innocent? Why is there such discord and anger in the world when it seems that so many desire peace and harmony?

The answer might not please you. Many of you are spiritually minded seekers. You offer grateful thoughts and send love and light out into the world when disasters or tragedies occur. You meditate and pray. You seek to live consciously, manifesting peace and harmony. We ask you, is that enough, or can more be accomplished? What is the real reason for such deep discord on the planet now?

Many plead with those they view as their guides or angels to intercede, to grant individual requests for personal peace and balance. And the response often does not arrive to their complete satisfaction, for the world never really shifts. Or so it seems. Is it possible that the real reason for such lack of harmony is purposeful? Is there something you should be doing differently on a personal level?