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The Secret of Forgiveness

The Secret of Forgiveness Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

I’ve spent a couple of years not able to forgive the separation that’s happened with my son. I keep wanting to talk things over to heal them, and it doesn’t work. Then I find myself with a grudge, thinking I have to suck it up and go on, and I haven’t released it. In the larger sphere, I want to takes steps to make a difference in the world yet let go and let myself be used for whatever my purpose is. I want hope to make a difference, heal, and forgive while not being trapped by reactivity to what I see in the world that is really out of balance.

Most of what people think of as forgiveness is not an effective process. It is, again, the masculine separated from the feminine. You have been given teachings of forgiveness that are not whole. Many people have the idea that forgiveness is to love the other being. There is truth in that, but it is not the whole truth. The outcome of forgiveness is to love the other being, but this is not the process of forgiveness. Love is what you get to through forgiveness.

Most people who contemplate forgiveness are aware that they are in pain. They use forgiveness as both a way to alleviate that pain and to move into what they hope is a spiritual process with the other parties involved. You must always begin with the feminine. This is one of the great truths that most people do not understand. The feminine loves the masculine, and the feminine always leads to the masculine. If you start with the masculine, you start with the ending, and this does not tend to get you to the feminine. The masculine has a different purpose. The masculine guides the feminine. It does not work to begin with the masculine. It works to begin with the feminine. Of course, I am speaking of the archetypal masculine and feminine that live within all beings. I am not talking about men and women. I am talking about masculine/feminine.