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Receive the Bounty Awaiting You

Receive the Bounty Awaiting You Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

During October, issues with balancing head and heart, or thought and emotions, will show up everywhere for the human kingdom. Deep feelings will surface unexpectedly like serpents arising from deep waters. Much of the energies throughout this month will be about bringing up hidden fears deeply buried in the psyche of the human kingdom for eons. The more fears people can face, overcome, and integrate, the fewer shadow energies will emerge in the world. Projection of these deep-seated fears of survival, safety, and value will create reactionary responses from those who function from a state of lower consciousness.

Each person will discover that he or she is ultimately responsible for personal choices and the consequences thereof as the turnaround time of the fear surfacing, its projection into the world, and the world’s mirror response becomes almost instantaneous. In the past, there has been a lag time between the projection and the mirrored return of the energies projected, but during this month, it is immediate. This suggests that being aware and present will facilitate loving responses and life-affirming outcomes rather than reactionary, chaotic confusion or destruction. More than at any other time on planet Earth, it is now imperative to take action from a place of response rather than reaction. To us Cat Beings, responding implies pondering the potential consequences of actions before taking them, asking for guidance from the inner truth center to see all the facets at play so that decisions can be made that affirm life and provide connection, cooperation, and communication while expressing unconditional love for all involved.

This month, every member of the human kingdom will experience balanced reciprocity. What is fed intentionally or unintentionally with thought, word, or action will return multiplied to its sender. Karmic energies of reaping what is sown will be multiplied at least threefold.