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Make Use of Opportunities for Positive Change

Make Use of Opportunities for Positive Change Donna Taylor

As the world appears to become ever more chaotic and uncertain, what we need most right now is equilibrium — a bit of balance and harmony to soothe our troubled souls. And that’s exactly what October should bring, at least in moments if not in its entirety, as the Sun and Mercury join Jupiter in Libra. Here at last is a moment of calm amid the madness, a dose of kindness in the face of anger and judgment.

The Sun and Mercury will add to Jupiter’s drive for greater equality, so this should be a month of negotiation. Perhaps we will observe the theme of human rights, fair pay, and so on, since Mercury in Libra is a great negotiator for others. So if there’s tension in a relationship, October brings a great opportunity to resolve conflict and restore peace.

The month kicks off with a new moon on October 1 that is joined by Jupiter and forms a square to Mars and Pluto. We need to keep watch on those two powerful planets lest they get out of hand and start kicking up a storm. We will need all of Libra’s calm and persuasion to prevent more dramas from happening because Mars and Pluto aren’t known for their peace-loving tendencies, tact, or selflessness. Expect to see the conflict of Mars and Pluto and the peace of Jupiter in Libra being acted out on the world stage as the peacemakers step in to try to keep things from overheating.