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The Learning Train

The Learning Train Ascended Master Pallas Athene through Ingrid Auer

Imagine a train with several cars, a train of learning and development. Usually you get on at the back car and get off at the front car. Souls who want to go through a certain development that they can only achieve on this train crowd in the rear entrance to get in. They know they can only learn and experience on this particular train what they need for their almost infinite journeys through eternity. No other train can offer them anything adequate.

To go from one car to the next, certain experiences have to be made and tests have to be passed. Every soul can do this at its own pace. Nobody is pushing it. The cars have different equipment and therefore offer different external frameworks for ideal learning conditions. The cars are also energized with individualized energy levels according to the energy fields of the souls, and there are teachers in each car.

Souls in the train’s rear cars are on the first level of development and are confronted with different exercises from the ones in the front of the train. As soon as they finish an incarnation, they leave the car they were in and access it again in their next incarnation on their journey of development.