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Keep Your Hearts Open as You Follow Your Predestiny

Keep Your Hearts Open as You Follow Your Predestiny Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Your vision of you is very personal. Your mind’s eye is your tool to be anything and anywhere. There is no time or space within your mind. A vision is a reality, for it is part of the wholeness of you. As you seek refuge in your vision, watch what you bring forth to celebrate on the open canvas of the universe.

We are connected. Connection is part of All That Is. You all are connected as one, facilitating motion and celebrating an experience that shifts your dance of creating the knowledge of you. You are all part of the particles of matter and of the universe that have been woven to this moment. Celebrate a sacred knowing of your light and love.

Predestiny is the masterpiece of your ability to fully share your light and love in creation and in celebrating breath. Breath is essential in the movement of your holy temple. Breath expands the knowledge and truth of you out to All That Is. Each breath participates with your predestiny. When we say something is predestined, we mean that you will walk through a specific experience, human exercise, and space that allows you, the creator of this predestiny, to connect all of you back into the holy creator that you are.