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Disclosures Affect the State of Mass Consciousness

Disclosures Affect the State of Mass Consciousness Lynn Buess

The events at this time have implications for many months to come. After the two preselected U.S. presidential candidates went through the entertainment phase of the two conventions and their aftermaths, we continue to witness more stage acting until November. Whichever candidate gains the office, we will most likely have more business as usual.

The spiral of economic, social, and political decline in America continues. So deeply and firmly has the system been compromised that the light of change seems very dim without some form of major social awakening or elevated, benign intervention.

The numerology of this month, along with the events shaping history at this time, suggests that these four weeks will define the state of mass consciousness nationally and abroad. The movement to bring disclosure of high crimes and hidden secrets could filter into the mass media. The manufactured crimes and acts of terrorism do not have the expected impact as desired and hopefully become exposed along with so many other hidden agendas.