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Confront Conditioned Thinking

Confront Conditioned Thinking Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, as your months pass, moving further into what seems to be the ever-increasing chaos of Earth, it is hard for many of you to see beyond the turmoil that engulfs your current existence. Ideas and beliefs seem to clash on every corner, and many of you cry out for peace and greater understanding.

There is a greater truth playing out, and it is this: The darkness that you see as pervading your politics and religion is only a mask. The mask reflects the fear of those who have held the collective in a type of mind control. Yes, it is real, as it plays on the basic fears of being able to survive and to have enough in life.

As they currently stand, the organizations create an ongoing scenario, a drama per se, that causes people to believe that the entities are needed for the people to prosper. In reality, the organizations need the people to believe that they are the saviors to all so that they can continue to receive the money and attention that has kept the institutions well fed and always looking for more wealth and support from the people they claim to serve above their own interests. This has been the state of the planet for some time, and yes, it is changing; however, the change comes with growing pains, so to speak.