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Beyond the Box Is Reality

Beyond the Box Is Reality Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The entourage is still here, and the listeners of the future are here. Dear listener [and reader] of the future, isn’t it interesting that right now for some it is really the past, but somehow we are all together in the now?

The teaching of the day is that, by design, the Human Being is becoming a bit more multidimensional each year. The processes of your reality and your life can shift this way because the new tools are becoming part of your regular conscious life. Human nature will begin to change, and a shift in your awareness is at hand. All this will help you practice getting around the old habits and the old ways of life, if you wish.

Change is tough. Change is tough because it begets [creates] other things that are also tough. When you change one thing, other things around you change. You intuitively know this, and there’s a resistance to it. This resistance is totally normal and common, and eventually you get through the discomfort. The interesting thing that we wish to tell you about (and perhaps even convince you of) is this: The changes you make today are not only going to create more changes but also more benevolence. God is in love with you so much that this God, this creative source, sees what you do and matches the benevolence of it with synchronicity.