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You Have the Power

You Have the Power John of God Energies through Heather Kristian Strang

In your world, you often struggle and strain to find your peace, to find equilibrium. There is usually a predictable process that your world collectively goes through when faced with an area that must be evolved. First there is usually a great amount of resistance and gnashing of teeth — of strife and struggle and pain. Then on the other side of it, sometimes an agreement will be found, and a new level of balance will be enacted. If not, though, you will often continue to fight for decades over aspects and items that could be solved easily with a win–win for all had there been the presence and acceptance of Divine Will and spirit involved.

So we bring you this message not to commentate on the dysfunction of your world (because there is much more wonderful about it than not) but to bring you guidance and understanding on how you in your here and now reality can begin to turn the tide for the masses. How you, one of seven billion spirits in a body, have the power and the ability to shift outcomes for the whole. How when aligned fully with the core of who you really are — Source or God-force energy — all is possible in the highest realms for all.

We talk much to you about your power, and many of you read or hear these words and somehow discard the relevance of this information for yourselves personally. We want to illustrate this power to you now.