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You Are Good and Free to Celebrate Your Purpose

You Are Good and Free to Celebrate Your Purpose Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Nourish your holy temple with the passion of you. Connect with each other in this depth of passion, for each of us has come with a passion to participate with each other. Claim your freedom in this celebration of your passion and know your emotions are your gift to feel the experience of your holiness and of your wholeness in your divine temple.

The field is permeated with your passion. All around, your passion is the gift that you bring to share your love — the love that you are that can never be denied. Your love is never unto me. Your love is a brand of togetherness that allows my will to be done with thy will of the holiness of the wholeness of love. Where there is wholeness, you shall not lack. Where there is wholeness, you stand to extend your gift of you to all that you touch. The ripples resound in your whole expression that can never be denied, for you have claimed to say yes to this opportunity of experience to acknowledge that you too are connected with the wholeness of spirit.

I, as Archangel Raphael, hold a hug with all of you, for I hold your blueprints that you came to create to be solid in your holy temple that you are. I offer support for your passion to be solid in this world that you are in, a world that holds truth when you can touch and behold something in front of you. Your purpose is to bring forth your passion, to identify with its core, and to bring that identity of you into the manifestation of your passion to the world of form. To create is to know you can manifest and it is good. To create is to know others can touch it, and it is good.