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You Are Coming into Conscious Creation

You Are Coming into Conscious Creation Historian through Robert Shapiro

24 August 2015


I will give you a name later. I will make a few predictions. In your world now, you experience echoes of resistance to physical forces of the planet. The echoes are from distress of previous life forms — human, yes, and nonhuman. At this time, you are experiencing echoes of distress from ancient times when volcanoes erupted and covered cities, one of which you know about — Pompeii. But many others were covered, and since they are still covered, you know nothing about that. Millions of beings, including nonhumans, were lost. The important thing for you to know now is that these echoes are reaching your own time since your journey is a passage through time as well as motion. And because you all have compassion, you are responding to these echoes through time. They are reaching you because many of you have focused on the needs of those around you, since you are moving through the last vestiges of focus on the individual.

These last vestiges are important because they help you to understand yourselves, yes, but the next stage connects you on a physical-feeling basis with all life. Thus, such a connection helps to unite you with your natural state of being beyond this planet and with the natural state of being of all life in the universe. So the reason you’re responding to the past cries for help is that you are sort of catching up. The age of individuality and focus on the self that proceeded it is drawing to a close and will be moving away into times past, shed like a skin. And compassion will be what feels best. You are catching up. You are open to the cries for help from the past even though those beings are long dead.