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We Offer a Stream of Love and Light from Our Heart to Yours

We Offer a Stream of Love and Light from Our Heart to Yours Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, returning to the narrow path of ascension in consciousness is the beginning of transcending opposites in which there is no good or bad, right or wrong, only harmonious personal choices within the accepted spectrum of duality. As an empowered, functioning self-master, you will make only the highest and best choices for the benefit of all. Slowly but surely the imperfections you have created both in your inner and outer worlds are being rectified. It has taken a very long time for Earth and humanity to reach the present state of imperfection that is now prevalent. The level of transformational progress you, the earthly legions of light, have made in such a short time is truly miraculous.

Indeed, the multidimensional doorways of the past are closing, and the doorways of the future are opening at a faster and faster pace as the process of ascension accelerates. The fear of change has been a major controlling factor within your conscious awareness for a very long time. In the beginning of your journey into density, you sought a great variety of self-expression and change, and you delighted in each new creation. It has only been during your earthly experiences that you have forgotten that you were a cocreator endowed with a full measure of creative abilities and that you have a direct link to the power source of creation via the river of life and light.

You Are the Dreamer and the Dream