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The Time of the Illumination Is at Hand

The Time of the Illumination Is at Hand The Soul of Humanity through Judith K. Moore

Please use this message as a meditation. It will open you to the flow of divine wisdom from the source of universal oneness. Please send this message into the collective through the water element so that it flows into critical mass like a river of love. It was received through the unified field and will enter the heart chakra of the world as a powerful energy of transformation.

Within the depth of our beings is the source of love. We are made of this love. We are formed of the essence of creation. Our divinity is absolute, as we are the oneness. When we depart from this simple truth and become distracted, we believe things that are not true. The moment we take on shame, guilt, and fear, we begin a journey of love to heal our wounded selves — mind, body, spirit, and soul — and to clear away the distractions that have led us into the hall of mirrors, the place of the great illusion that we are separate from our divinity. In being separate from our divinity, we are separate from each other. We cease to see each other in the mirror of compassion through the eyes of love.

Surrender to the Divine Truth