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Speak Your Tone

Speak Your Tone The group through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. It is such a joy to share this moment with you all, for you are in the midst of an evolutionary movement. You are moving at the speed of love, and the interesting part about it is that you are starting to become awakened right where you are. We will share a little of our vision of your place on the path as it is now, and more importantly, about your anchoring into the new dimension of time and space.

There have been times when evolution has taken your stream of consciousness from one physical form to another. Very rarely has this happened in consciousness, which is what is taking place on planet Earth. That is why the collective vibration of the universe is starting to gather information and support more of the game on planet Earth as it is now unfolding every moment. Take a deep breath and release it to find your center for just a moment. Close your eyes if you choose to, and let yourself expand.

You have been holding yourself within a framework of resistance that you believed you had to hold. You have been spending much of your energy holding yourself within the constraints that you believed were needed to pretend to be a human. Yet your spirit cries to be free, to speak its tone, and to carry its message from Home. It is that unique tone that you brought specifically because you could carry it. From our perspective, what is now taking place is you are starting to branch out into multidimensionality and become aware of it consciously. When you do that, the game changes very quickly.