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Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light The Collective Spirit through Thelma Bodnar

As you are aware of our concerns and deepest love for all of you, we continually monitor your progress and align with your purpose. The extent of our concern for you is endless. As you receive the energies from the other side of the veil, we serve to host the best possible receptors within you to make it possible for the frequencies of love to penetrate every cell of your being.

Because you are scattering your light among those who appear to be lost, ungrounded, and sheltered from what you have learned, there is much celebration here. Your continued efforts are indeed required for the ascension of your planet to take place. Those with renewed vows of complacency may cause you to doubt that your efforts are needed. Indeed, we tell you they are appreciated beyond any explanation you could readily comprehend.

There is still much to attend to on your planet to assure its continued elevation to higher vibration. For all those who continue in their negativity and disruptions of the lives of others, who reject a new way of perceiving the world, we say thank you for your continued contributions to exact a clearer picture of possibilities and balance within your Earth occurrences.