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Radiate Your Light to Each Other

Radiate Your Light to Each Other Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. That phrase, our opening phrase, will lose some of its meaning as the illusion of distance closes between those of us in the spirit realm and those of you here on planet Earth. There are other places in the universe where “as above, so below” is a phrase that would not be understood, for there is no distinct separation of physical beings from the spiritual realm. There are areas of the universe that are enjoying a consistency of love, joy, and peace. Planet Earth will soon be one of those areas.

This time is approaching more rapidly than you might imagine if you are observing world events. Those with spiritual vision and discernment see more clearly how the physical realm and the realm of spiritual beings are becoming more unified. But for you here, now, today, understand that there is still a separation. It is closing. We get closer. We get closer consistently, and that is because of you and your work in the physical realm.

You Are in an Age of Change

The twentieth century and the early part of the twenty-first century — how remarkable! Think of the changes. Think of the things that you have gone through. Think about one hundred years ago, and imagine taking someone from that time and bringing him to the present day. What would that person understand? What would he know? Yet you take it all in stride. Now imagine that someone from one hundred years from now approaches you and shows you her world. What will you understand of that life?