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The Power of Tai Chi and Bone Tapping

The Power of Tai Chi and Bone Tapping Ethan Indigo Smith

We live in a world where many people would rather opt for a pharmaceutical treatment or even cosmetic or prosthetic surgery than to live a life of healthful disease prevention. Even those who do physical exercise are often so focused on running hard and lifting heavy that they can barely walk by the time they’re fifty.

Yet there are many simple, low-impact physical practices that are healthful and positively energetic that can help us to maintain strength of mind and body. When we make them part of our lifestyles, we generally find that those health problems don’t arise.

Tai Chi

“Tai Chi is a health technology evolved over thousands of years of research in China, and it is now growing in popularity worldwide. It is used in hospitals, businesses, prisons, schools, and other institutions. In research, Tai Chi has shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and chronic pain conditions. It boosts the immune system, improves respiratory function, burns calories, dramatically improves balance, provides cardiovascular benefits, provides powerful stress management tools, slows aspects of the aging process, and lifts spirits” (